Non-Academic Careers for Scientists

Now that you’ve finally decided to definitely pursue a PhD in your chosen field you’re incredibly excited to get started. You’ve created a new EndNote library devoted to your graduate studies and bought new stationary, enabling a fresh and energetic start. But wait, what’s this? A friend of yours shares this explanation as to what a PhD actually is (animated by Pavel Boytchev, from The Illustrated Guide to a PhD by Matt Might):

Suddenly you feel humbled, and at the same time even more excited to start pushing that boundary just a tiny little bit further. But then, creeping up, there is also  the feeling of slight disillusionment because you always enjoyed learning about lots of different things and you know that that’s not what a PhD will offer. You’re afraid that you’ll lose sight of the big picture, so maybe after doing a PhD (and possibly even a post-doc) you want to zoom out from that pinprick of knowledge. How exactly are you proposing to do that? Well, I don’t know myself, but after having read a preview of this book (image from CSHL Press website) I am intrigued by the editing/science writing/publishing field. Who knows, maybe there’s also a chapter that will catch your fancy?

CareerOpBioSci_fNow I am certainly getting ahead of myself though; PhD applications, here I come!




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