PhD – 21 months in 

Do you remember my optimistic blog post about finding my bearings in the lab after a month of the PhD? I also included pictures of a failed western blot and slightly crushed centrifuge tubes.

Well, twenty months later and I’m still making mistakes. Often they’re new and different mistakes, which could almost be exciting. But today I made the same mistake and lost a lot of plasmid-growing bacteria (bacteria I am using as work horses to produce specific DNA for me) in a centrifuge (which I subsequently cleaned!)…

Photographic evidence attached.


3 thoughts on “PhD – 21 months in 

  1. tut tut tut…… what kind of researcher do you call yourself? I’ve never met a PhD student who actually admits to being the culprit after breaking something, let alone one who cleans up after themselves. Hope all is going well otherwise.


  2. It is AOK, we all make mistakes, large or small.
    To make corrections after recognising them only improves the odd of success !!!


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